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The Devonshire Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No.3924

Assisting fellow Holy Royal Arch Chapters within the Province of Devonshire

Our Next Convocation

Our next Convocation (our Installation !) will be held on
October 22nd

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To be held at Davie Hall, Plymouth.

See our Notices page for more information.

About Devonshire Stewards Chapter

The Beginning:

As most Royal Arch Companions in Devonshire are probably aware, we are still a fairly new Chapter: in fact, the second youngest in the Province.

Our Charter was issued on 11th November 2015, and our Consecration was at the Langstone Cliff Hotel at Dawlish Warren on 29th June 2016.

Our Most Excellent Grand Superintendant, Simon W. Rowe, presided at the consecration, delivering a most impressive performance assisted by his Provincial Team. A memorable day for Provincial Holy Royal Arch in Devonshire!

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The purpose of the Chapter is:

1.   To exalt past and present Provincial Stewards from all other degrees and orders operating in the Masonic Province of Devonshire.

2.   To assist and support Chapters throughout the Province, if requested, with ritual, lectures and enhancing ceremonies by boosting attendances at regular Convocations.

3.   To assist the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra and Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies with the arrangements for Provincial Grand Chapter.

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We meet three times per year:

The fourth Friday in April
(Various Locations)

Our Installation on the 2nd Friday in July
(Various Locations)

The fourth Friday in October
(Various Locations)

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Assistance with Ritual

One of the functions of our Chapter is to help Chapters in the Province of Devonshire requiring assistance with ritual or swelling attendances at convocations.

See our Notices page for full details of how we can help.

To contact the Stewards Chapter for help, please see our Contact page

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JOIN the Stewards Chapter

Do you want to help your Masonic Province?

If so, consider joining the Devonshire Stewards Chapter: all freemasons are welcome, especially if you are or have been a Provincial Steward in any masonic order.

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To join the Stewards Chapter, please contact our Scribe E, whose details are available on our Contact page, or approach any Freemason you know to be a member of this wonderful and important Chapter.

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Social Media

The Stewards Chapter activities and events are broadcast through our Twitter Account.

We also maintain a Facebook Account.

Links to both are available at the bottom right of each page on this site.

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